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Bagpiper Harry Farrar
Bagpiper Harry Farrar and historical truck

Bagpiper Harry Farrar performed today for a memorial event at St. Vincent Catholic Church in Sun City, located in the high desert near Temecula.
The service was very nice and reception at Evan Browns Mortuary was well done with a great attendance and fine food spread.
One of the friends of the family added some real class by lending this historical truck and made a make-shift hearse out of it for transporting the casket.
Amazingly this truck at one point was owned and driven by President Hoover.
What an amazing piece of History.
Ironically, Hoover Dam is not that far away from Sun City. Although it is currently empty now!

Bagpipe players add so much to these types of services please call if you need a piper.
This group Scottish Pipes and Drums has been “Servicing Southern California Since 1981”.
Bagpiper For Hire also serves National Riverside Cemetery as well as the largest Cemetery in North America called Rose Hills in Whittier.



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