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Scottish Pipes And Drums At Forest Lawn, Cypress California


The Los Angeles bagpipe group Scottish Pipes and Drums performed today at a private ceremony in Cypress California, at the Forest Lawn Cemetery.

The spectacular weather with views of the snow on Mt. Baldy and the clear air and green grass was a silver lining to the duties of respecting the passing of our loved ones.

Scottish Pipes and Drums has been serving the needs of Forest Lawns in the Southern California for over 40 years.


Bagpipes and Drums for graveside services
Bagpipes and Drums are a nice addition for graveside services.

Memorial Services are special occasions for the remembrances of a loved ones.
Scottish Pipes and drums can add greatly to these kinds of services.
Equipped with the right selection of tunes, a bagpiper can assist in easing the pain and sorrow felt with the loss of a loved one.
The popular gospel “Amazing Grace” for example, will undoubtedly evoke loving memories.
It has been a long tradition for many centuries to have a bagpiper play laments in honor of the departed.