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Scottish Pipes & Drums to Perform for Marines at Reagan Library

Marines Ball and Bagpiper

Bagpiper Reagan Library, Simi Valley, CA  

Bagpiper Harry Farrar from “Scottish Pipes and Drums” performed for the Marine Ball at the Reagan Library.

Scottish Pipes & Drums began the night by a tour of Airforce One.
Then started the evening piping the guests to an impressive dining area beneath America’s famous presidential bird Air Force One!
Amazing grace was played once through to honor those who have given. is based in Woodland Hills.
A single Bagpiper for Hire or bagpipers and drummers perform for weddings and memorials.
The customer has a wide choice of options including a band up to 100.
Dancers are also available to perform the famous “Highland Sword Dance” or the “Irish Jig.”
Scottish Pipes and Drums has been performing in Southern California for more than 45 years.
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