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Bagpiper | St. Francis Desales Catholic Church | Wedding

Bagpiper Performs  St. Desales Catholic Church | Sherman Oaks

Wedding Bagpiper
St. Desales Bagpiper

Harry Farrar, Pipe Major of Scottish Bagpipes & Drums played a surprise Amazing Grace tune during a lovely wedding at St. Desales Catholic Church in Sherman Oaks, California.
The song was a request by the groom to honor his father who loved bagpipes and passed on that love to his son.
Bagpipes and Scottish Drums is the original name of PM Harry’s group with was formed in 1981 with the purchasing of a Yellow Pages advertisement and a new phone number 818 716 7522.
This number is in use today and has been a go to call for over 5000 customers since 1981.
Now Harry Farrar 6th is also carrying on the bagpipe tradition.

Now as a leader of live performing in Southern California for all events Bagpipe, the family services 20 events per month
They are listed at the top of google search under the name and which was the original website.
Yelp,, and all have the band’s profile and is marketed on the web.

Contact Harry Farrar for immediate quotations at +1 (818) 716-7522

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